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The staff at Baldwin Insurance Agency is licensed to sell insurance in the state of Texas. They represent Foremost Insurance Group - one of the largest and well-respected companies that offer flexible coverage for your mobile home insurance needs.
Mobile Home Insurance
The purchase of a mobile home can be large investment. If something happens to it you want to know it can be repaired or replaced. When you insure your home, peace of mind comes in knowing that you have adequate coverage. Foremost offers replacement cost coverage where applicable.
Replacement Cost Coverage Offered
What to Look For
How well does the insurance company understand the needs of mobile home owners?
How long have they been insuring mobile homes?
Are they a recognized leader in the industry?
Is the coverage broad and comprehensive enough to thoroughly protect your home and personal property or is it a "named peril" policy?
Does the plan provide personal liability protection?
If you suffer a total loss, is the value of your mobile or modular home subject to depreciation?
Many Insurance policies decrease the value of your home over time, leaving you with a settlement that does not cover the cost of replacing it. ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOUR POLICY DOES NOT DECPRECIATE YOUR HOME.
Can you select a number of optional plans, or increase policy limits, so the plan will fully meet your needs?
How financially stable is the insurance company? Is it among the best in the industry?
Does the company have a history of quick responses and fast claim handling?
Can you file a claim at any time?
Is the company helping the mobile home insurance expert in handling catastrophe claims?
Broad, Affordable, Flexible
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